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03/01/2024 14:45:02

I started taking Tavin EM for PrEP about 3 months ago. I've had some minor issues with itching and some motion sickness, but I don't know if those symptoms are due to my medication. It seems to be working well, so I can't really complain.

Steven smith

03/01/2024 21:12:17

I've been taking Ricovir EM for PrEP for almost 18 months now and haven't had any problems to really complain about. I had read about side effects, but have not had any myself. I would therefore definitely recommend Ricovir EM as a generic.


03/01/2024 21:20:14

I've been on PrEP treatment for just over half a year and so far it's been totally incident-free. Nothing to report at all, apart from the increased sex of course. I don't have HIV, so this generic truvada must be working! All my blood results are in the normal range. Like I said, absolutely nothing to report.


04/01/2024 22:12:17

I took another HIV medication for about a year, but it started to affect my liver function. My doctor recommended the generic Truvada because of its low price and side effect, and I never tried it again. I had very few side effects in the first few weeks, but since then everything has been fine!

Garcia Charlotte

04/01/2024 18:52:23

Tenvir-EM and Isentress have been good for me to stay HIV-negative. These two drugs work in combination and have done a good job. Some of my sexual relationships are HIV-positive, but thanks to Tenvir-EM, which is used as PrEP or for pre-exposure prophylaxis, I am still healthy and HIV negative. I am very happy with this medicine.

Henry Anderson

05/01/2024 18:50:39

If you are looking for PrEP to prevent you from getting AIDS or HIV, then Tenvir-EM is a fairly good choice. I've been taking it for 2 years now and even though I slip sometimes and don't practice safe sex, I'm still HIV negative. That's really all I need to know! It's a good option for anyone who wants to protect themselves.

James thomas

05/01/2024 23:15:50

Reliable company, everything they say they are, they do. Shipping faster than I thought it would be

Richard williams

05/01/2024 17:55:26

Ricovir-EM is easy to take and protects your health so that you cannot contract HIV, even if your partner is HIV-positive. I'm not very active, but my partner is HIV-positive. That's why I need to protect myself, even if we don't have sexual intercourse very often.


06/01/2024 15:40:29

After using Ricovir-EM for about three months, I have not noticed any side effects. The single-pill daily dose is excellent. I take medication right before going to bed.


06/01/2024 22:10:57

Tenvir-EM is an option that many people are now talking about. I too started taking this medication for pre-exposure prevention to be safe while still being sexually active. The results have been good and I haven't had too many serious side effects. I highly recommend it!